Cleadon Commercial Flooring Ltd

“Avensure are quick and efficient! Every time I ring I get the person I need straight away and it doesn't take up too much of my day.

I've been with them for under a year; it's been great actually! We're just a small company but we've got employees so it's given me the backup and the confidence to know that any Employee contracts or health and safety I'm putting in place are legal and correct.

You can read stuff on the internet but with us being a small company having someone say 'yes that's right' was excellent!
Having them come out to us, they've seen things that we didn't have in place and should have had, and said 'you need x, y and z', which is great.”

Kim Watchman Owner

T&J Heating (Energy)

Avensure have proven to be a very good service as they have been extremely helpful, especially the Tribunal advice service as the support helped defend us against a claim.

Thomas Brown Managing Director

Richmond Precision Services (Engineering)

By using Avensure's services I've given myself a whole lot less stress, knowing that I'm now secure against future events as the HR support team will be there when I need them.

Richard Hand Managing Director

Tank Change (Chemicals)

I've been really impressed, fantastic documentation. I only wish I could have had this stuff in place three or four years ago! My Stress levels would have been a great deal lower!

Terry Brown Owner

Mega Scaffold UK Ltd

Thank you very much, the documents look fantastic and read a lot better now!  I'm so grateful for your services at the moment.  I would be lost and drowning in despair if I was left to sort this out by myself!

Louise Harris Director (Mega Scaffold UK Ltd)