• Carla Gonzalez

    Campaign Manager

    As Campaign Manager, Carla is a vital member of Avensure’s Marketing team. She is responsible for managing and coordinating digital campaigns and is also involved in developing our multi-channel communication strategies.

    Carla was born in Mexico City, where she completed a degree in Communications specialising in Mass Media. In 2010, after having worked in several film productions and TV adverts, Carla turned to Marketing which allowed her to use her creative talents to drive public awareness for organisations such as Avensure.

    Carla has a deep understanding of digital marketing and her innovative approach to online communications means that she can produce results driven strategies for a wide range of industries and markets.

  • Ronnie Wainwright

    Head Of Marketing & Events

    • 16 years commercial management experience in Business Development
    • 9 years Marketing & Events within Employment Law and Health & Safety
    • Specialist in intermediary relationships & corporate partnerships

    Ronnie undertakes a senior management position within the organisation, undertaking responsibility for all aspects of Avensure’s brand, digital presence, PR, marketing & seminar programme. This includes overseeing an internal team and third party relationships for all digital and social media marketing, company literature, advertising, press/PR and extensive B-B data management.

    Ronnie has extensive experience in the operational function and development of a nationwide Employment Law and Health & Safety seminar programme. She has always created and developed long-term intermediary relationships/corporate partnerships throughout her career, often entering into partnership seminars with them. Ronnie manages an elite team of presenters and operational staff who deliver these highly professional, invaluable events for a range of industries, including specialist events for the care, healthcare, financial and education sectors.

    Ronnie was recently nominated for Best Marketer of the year at the Women in Business Awards 2014.

  • Heather Gray

    Events Team Leader

    Heather is Avensure’s Events Team Leader, which makes her responsible for co-ordinating Avensure’s company seminar and national training sessions for business owners. She has plenty of experience in this area – both private and public sectors – and it’s honed her understanding of people and how to bring them the right information, at the right time. Heather understands how complex employment law can appear to employers – both novices and the most experienced – and so she’s made it her aim to make information as digestible and relevant to you as possible, to ensure her finger is always on the pulse, and to never stop sharpening my understanding of what is important to you, the business owner.

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