• Allan Winn

    Client Relationship Manager

    • 10 Years Employment Law / Health & Safety Experience
    • Specialised Relationship Creator

    Allan has proactively worked in Employment Law and Health and Safety for the last 10 years; it’s the reason he is now at Avensure working as our Client Relationship Manager.

    Allan is responsible for developing and managing a growing portfolio of clients; building key relationships within the SME market which is more and more important in business.

    Forming key interpersonal relationships and maintaining an up to date and comprehensive understanding of a company’s products, as well as the market trends, is what sets Allan as one of the key drivers within the business development team.

    Outside of Avensure, Allan enjoys all areas of sport but more specifically Football and Golf, as well as socialising with friends and taking advantage of some well-earned breaks.

  • Simon Shakespeare

    Employment Law Co-ordinator

    • 12 Years Specialising In Employment Law
    • Tribunals, Disciplinaries & HR Advice

    12 years experience in the outsourcing industry specialising in complex HR employee related matters, meant Simon was more than up to the job when it came to being part of an ever growing Avensure team.

    After graduating with a Bachelor of Science (honours), Simon spent a numbers of years working in HR and Employment Law before joining Avensure in the Partnership Development Team.

    With excellent communication and interpersonal skills and a keen eye for detail, Simon is always looking for ways to improve business efficiency and maximise resources.

    Simon is a very enthusiastic individual, where his integrity and professionalism is paramount to attaining and retaining clients.

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